About I Am Awakening

Iron Sharpens Iron!

It’s important for believers, especially new born believers, to encourage each other to study the Bible as a group, with a friend for accountability and on their own using holistic methods to avoid being an ignorant or stagnant believer or a confused believer who is easily led astray by false teaching. Ignorant believers can lead stagnant or confused believers astray because they cherry pick the Bible and do not read it for its full context on a topic for the truth.

Do I need to be perfect to spread the Gospel?


I felt a growing need to sharpen my confidence with speaking to people, especially non-believers and children, about the lifestyle of Christians. I do not think that it’s right to judge others. My job is only to guide them. But unsolicited advise is quite awkward. I started this blog to share my lifestyle, testimony and hobbies with you. I am in no way perfect. Sometimes I drink like a sailor or use explicit words when I get too emotional (give me credit cause its less than I used to). I am undeniably worthy in God’s eyes. So are you!

David was a man after God’s own heart, but he was rebellious and did so many cruel things out of anger or spitefulness (like killing Bathsheba’s husband so he can sleep with her). However, he was a genuine person. He knew who he was and what he was capable of doing. God used him to kill Goliath and he became a loyal servant for God (without perfection). David was consistently working on himself. He grew as a person, but he was never perfect. None of the disciples were perfect either!

God uses our imperfections and testimonies to allow others to see His love and grace. No one would be able to relate to a Christian or feel welcome if they were all truly perfect. We need to embrace our imperfections in a faithful and intentional way so others can feel hopeful and know that they can be saved too.

Do I need to be a qualified to spread the Gospel?


I think of myself as a Legal Scholar (by career) and Bible Scholar (by hobby). OK. I’m not a certified Bible Scholar, so perhaps this is a stretch. But it really isn’t rocket science to read and study the Bible. Going to a Seminary is definitely helpful and eye opening, but if your calling is not to be a Pastor, Teacher or Counsellor for your church or community then there may not be a need in your life to study to that level.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wise to take some courses to assist with understanding the Bible. If you are a member, some churches also offer in house training. Children need proper guidance and less confusion, especially when it comes to explaining Christianity.

Either way, you do not need to have a role or position in the church to have a passion to spread the gospel. Jesus challenged the status quo, which used to be that only the Rabbi or a Priest could act as intercessors, teach the Bible or spread the Gospel. We all have access to the Bible now so we can teach each other and have a close relationship with God on our own. Thank you Jesus! ❤️ God qualifies those who He calls.

I’m very ecstatic to share the Gospel, my lifestyle and dive deep into some interesting topics with you, one blog at a time! I hope you become filled with the Holy Spirit and awaken from your spiritual slumber… zZ