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Let’s be Spiritually Awakened and live an Authentic Lifestyle!

Kimberly Wood is a lawyer and an influential young leader. In her spare time, she draws to humanitarian work and youth ministry within her church and community. She believes that a person should passionately try to make an impact on their peers and anyone that they can assist in their present state – you can strive to fill the gap, get to a person’s level and pull them up.

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Finding Your Spirituality

Are you religious? – this should be a personal choice (based only on your opinion and what makes you feel whole) and fully informed decision (carry out research, ask questions to fruitful leaders and decide when you feel hopeful in your belief, the religious community and their practices).

Soul Searching Questions

Why are you religious? or Why are you not religious?

Do you think that your religion makes a difference on how you treat others?

Does your present emotional, physical, and emotional state impact your decision to help others?


When God doesn’t move the mountains I’m needing Him to move

When God doesn’t part the waters I wish I could walk through

When God doesn’t give the answers as I cry out to Him, “I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in YOU!

“Your spiritual foundation can make or break the structure of your lifestyle.”

“Take support and try to pay it forward whenever you can.”



Kimberly was born in St. Andrew and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica. At five, she later relocated to Brooklyn, New York with her mom, a Parson’s University fashion designer. She dreamed to have a better quality of life and better opportunities to grow. At the age of seven she watched Law & Order on repeat with the hopes of being an American lawyer one day.

Never did Kimberly imagine that she would be a British lawyer. At ten, Kimberly’s entire family moved to the Cayman Islands after she witnessed the first plane crash into the twin towers from her school window on 9/11 2001. When she moved to the Cayman Islands she experienced Ivan. This was a category four hurricane that ripped through the islands on 9/11 2004.


Kimberly has acquired years of administrative, corporate and litigation experience at multi-jurisdictional law firms, whilst completing her Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice Diploma. Kimberly qualified as an Attorney-at-law in 2020, but due to the pandemic restrictions her bar admission was done over zoom. This was novel and a memory that she will never forget.

Kimberly is a young powerhouse, and she is a bold speaker. She ambitiously works hard to be her true authentic self. Her goal is to be financially free before “retirement age” so she can fully have balance and control over her time. Kimberly is also an independent business owner, and she aims to provide more humanitarian assistance within her community or wherever she can make an impact.

Holistic Lifestyle:

The title, “I Am Awaken” is fitting because the person that Kimberly is today was awakened and formed through several life-changing experiences. She was awakened by God’s gift to us – Jesus.

Kimberly was awakened by Jesus’s leadership and teachings. She was awakened by the legacy that Jesus left. To be awakened is to understand that better quality of life and better opportunities to grow beyond who we are.

Being spiritually awake puts you in the mindset to be your whole self genuinely. This is a success story that starts with the bigger picture – your God-given purpose!


When Kimberly is not working, she loves to blog, sing on the choir, play soccer or assist as a Youth Leader at her church. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and going on adventures with her friends.

A God-given purpose is not just one component, like a role to benefit selective people, but something bigger that will benefit others universall.

Your God-given purpose should be beneficial wherever you are.

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