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I Am Awaken in Christ to be … a Christ follower first, and a Wife, Dog Mom, Attorney, Youth Leader and Blogger/Writer second!

Kimberly Wood is a newly qualified Attorney and an influential Youth Leader who has served as a mentor to young children and adolescents within her church and community. She gives her time, bubbly energy and mature guidance to impact the younger generations with the hopes that they will be inspired to fulfill their God-given purpose in Christ.


The Christ follower, Wife, Dog Mom, Attorney and Blogger/Writer was born and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica. At five, she later relocated to Brooklyn, New York with her mom. She dreamed to have a better quality of life and better opportunities to grow. At the age of seven she watched Law & Order on repeat with the hopes of being a lawyer one day.

Never did Kimberly imagine that she would one day be a lawyer, but not an American one. She moved to the Cayman Islands to live with her dad after witnessing and living through the tragic attack to the twin towers on 9/11. She vividly watched the first plane crashing into the twin towers from her third grade classroom at P.S. 149.


By the age of 27, Kimberly acquired a decade of legal and administrative experience at multi-jurisdictional law firms, whilst completing her Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice Diploma. In recent months, Kimberly qualified as an Attorney-at-law. Due to the Covid restrictions, her bar admission was done over zoom. This is a memory that she will never forget.

Kimberly is a young powerhouse with strong administration and office skills, efficient legal drafting skills, basic IT skills and she’s an eloquent speaker. She works hard in the hopes of controlling or balancing her own time so she can spend it with her family. She hopes to be financially free and independent before she “retires”.

Why should you work for five or six decades only to “enjoy life” or “retire” for one decade?

This cannot be how God intended for us to live …

Should we not enjoy the fruits of our labour during the “pre-retirement” phase of our life as well?

Saving only for retirement is analogous to only living for Friday every week …

Enjoy life by being in the present, but be smart by preparing for short and long term goals .

Kimberly Wood


When she’s not working on pleadings, she loves to blog, sing on the choir, play football or assist as a Youth Leader at her church. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and going on adventures.

Kimberly’s goal is to be a servant of Christ first and then a successful Attorney and influential Youth Leader and Blogger/Writer second. She believes that her identity is found in doing good works for Christ. Not in her occupation or her other roles to serve humans.

Holistic Lifestyle

The title, “I Am Awaken” is fitting because the person that Kimberly is today was formed through several life-changing experiences. Through Christ she is now awakened and can understand that better quality of life and better opportunities to grow is only maintained by having a holistic (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual) lifestyle.

Your spiritual foundation will form the structure of your life.

However, human transformation is a success story that only starts with Christ!

Kimberly Wood